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Ed Balls on the Youth Alcohol Action Plan

I missed this video when it came out, but having found it you might be interested in what the Secretary of State had to say on launching the action plan earlier this year.


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  1. Alcohol the special drug: It’s not really a drug because we all do it.

    If you don’t agree with booze being your drug of choice, then it’s simple, you’re a criminal, problem solved.

    This is showing a fault line in the government’s approach to drugs. If advising on safe limits for one drug is correct, then why not for others? If age limits are the way to control some drugs, then why not all?

    If you don’t share this government’s opinion of what is acceptable and what isn’t, the whole approach means nothing to you. Instead, it looks like the government simply protecting a source of income and a habit most of its members have.

    Sorry for the scepticism, but I don’t think I’m alone.

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