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Primary Review – ‘personal development ‘as important as maths’

The Guardian seem to have seen a draft of what Jim Rose has been told by stakeholders in primary education (i.e. parents and teachers).  Whether this is going to be what he’ll be suggesting to Ministers about changes to the curriculum we’ll have to wait and see:

Instead of a broad range of subjects, pupils should study in-depth literacy and numeracy lessons alongside a more creative curriculum that encourages pupils to develop personal, learning and thinking skills, they say in a report of the focus groups published this week.

Such lessons might include “healthy lifestyles, sex and relationships education, drugs and alcohol education, philosophy, self-esteem and helping children to understand multiple cultural identities”, the document says.

There was an “almost unanimous” opinion that reading and writing would improve if schools focused more on speaking and listening skills, it says.

The report suggests that the final review should recommend that the curriculum focuses less on subject matter and more on helping pupils developing understanding of concepts and skills.

Welcome stuff, from our point of view, I suspect. 

Looking at the reactions gathered by the newspapers the NUT seem supportive, while the Conservatives emphasis their belief that the primary curriculum needs to be rigorus.


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