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Talking to Frank

Drink and Drug News carries an article about FRANK in which they talk to one of the people on their phoneline:

‘We’ll say to the parent: “You saying a particular drug is going to kill you is not necessarily accurate information and your son or daughter knows that… they know that the hysterical reaction is not necessarily a true one. So you need to make sure you have the correct information and that it’s balanced and accurate, otherwise they’re not going to pay much attention to you.”’

McCulloch also likes to encourage parents to share their own experiences as a bridge to dialogue. Parents in their late 30s or 40s often recall being part of the ‘ecstasy generation’, and ‘if they are really honest – and quite often they can be – they say well yes, I tried this and I tried that, and this is my experience. We say, “try and share that with your child, because you’re going to have much more credibility then”.’ Some parents are open to this approach – others think it’s a step too far, he admits.  


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