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Got A Teenager?

The Telegraph

As well as the jargon buster, the http://www.gotateenager.org.uk site includes a host of features, from e-learning modules and courses in dealing with drug and alcohol use.

It also has an online comic book with storylines and scenarios familiar to many teens, covering tops ranging from sex to bullying, health, school, and self-confidence issues.

The site itself says:

We know that parenting a teenager can be tough at points. We also know that sometimes you can feel like it’s only you going through the tricky times.

Welcome to http://www.gotateenager.org.uk; a social networking and advice site that gives parents of teenagers an online space to support each other through the challenges and successes of bringing up teens.

Their section on drugs and alcohol says:

Are you worried about your teenager drinking alcohol? Do shock headlines of binge drinking fill you with fear? Maybe you’re suspicious that your teen is using drugs and don’t know what to do next?

This section looks in-depth at issues relating to drugs, alcohol and teenagers. Here you’ll find tips on talking about these tricky topics, information on the dangers, tales from other parents who have experienced the same worries and links to specialist organisations that can support you further…


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