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Schools warned of pupils hooked on energy drinks

The Guardian:

Children are becoming dependent on energy drinks that have dramatic effects on their concentration and behaviour in schools, drug experts have warned.

Schools are being advised to observe children for signs of agitation which could be a result of excessive caffeine consumption. It follows reports of pupils drinking large quantities of energy drinks or taking caffeine-based pills.

The warning comes from Bob Tait from Drug Education UK.

See also the coverage on the BBC where Mr Tait is quoted saying:

“I will talk to a group and ask them who is drinking energy drinks such as Red Bull and five or six hands will shoot up.

“I came across one boy who was having eight a day. That is too much.

“In some cases parents are giving their children these drinks, but I would say the main source is shopkeepers.

“I don’t think there are any schools which actually sell them. But the problem is that they are fashionable drinks.

“It is hard to say in how many schools it is a problem, but it is certainly beginning to cause concern.”

Further coverage in the Sun, Channel 4 and The Daily Mail, Times, and Telegraph.

We’ve seen earlier this year at least one school taking action against energy drinks and you may remember that there’s Australian advice which says:

most adults can safely consume 300mg of caffeine a day but children are advised to stay away from caffeine as they can experience disturbed sleep patterns, bed-wetting and anxiety. 


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