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DrugScope’s Street Drug Trends Survey 2008

The annual survey that DrugScope does has been published.  It has found an increase in the use of diazepam including amongst some young people.  They also say:

Polydrug use – using combinations of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy – was highlighted by several respondents as a significant problem, among some young people.Commercially home-grown skunk cannabis was dominating the cannabis market in many areas, with users finding it hard to obtain lower strength resin or imported herbal cannabis.

 Coverage of the survey comes from Reuters, The Guardian, The BBC, The Daily Star, and ITN.


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  1. Perhaps those consider reclassifying drugs on their total harms basis might want to take this into consideration.

    Readers might also want to log on to ‘Ecstasy confusion’ http://bmj.com/cgi/eletters/337/sep10_1/a1617#201848

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