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You’re Welcome – opportunity to be consulted

I’ve been contacted by Gill Frances who is doing some work on the You’re Welcome Guidelines, which are produced for health and advisory services to use when they want to ensure that their services are welcome and accessible to young people.

She explains:

The Department of Health will relaunch these guidelines with an accreditation scheme in the Autumn of 2008 and they want Brook with my help to work with a whole range of providers of services as well as young people themselves to map the possible options for young people’s participation at a national level in promoting and championing You’re welcome criteria and its accreditation process.  After I have talked with some providers and consulted with young people I will be writing a report for DH which  outlines recommendations, the benefits and challenges of young people participation  and setting out realistic funding requirements for whatever options we put forward.

Gill would like to talk to those who provide drug services for young people and if possible to some young people themselves.  She says:

I shall be putting together a short questionnaire for providers and I would like to talk with them on the phone about it and their answers. They can contact me directly by email with their details and I will send questionnaire and follow it up with a phone call.

If it all goes to plan then she says:

Hopefully we will identify some good and irresistible options for ways that young people will work directly with DH and local NHS and voluntary sector providers to improve and maintain the quality of their health and advisory services.

If you want to be part of that then email Gill at gill@theisland37.co.uk.


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