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Study to assess underage drinking | London


Londoners have been encouraged to share their experiences of young people’s drinking habits in a study assessing how many teenagers consume alcohol.

The London Assembly said there was “no clear picture” of the problem’s extent.

But last year 1,600 young people were treated in local hospitals with related problems, member James Cleverley said.

The London Assembly says:

The Health and Public Services Committee is
investigating alcohol misuse by young people in order to make recommendations
on the best approach to tackle the problem – and is calling people
of all ages to send in their opinions and experiences. For the purposes
of this inquiry the Committee is using ‘young people’ to
refer to two groups: 11 to 15 year olds and 16 to 21 year olds.

Binge drinking and alcohol-related hospital admissions by young people
are a growing concern in England. Among 35 European countries,
the UK has the third highest proportion of 15 year olds (24%) that have
been drunk 10 times or more. Although a lot of work is being done
in London to tackle alcohol misuse, there is no clear picture of just
how big the problem is in the capital.

The survey is available here and the closing date for submissions is 1 October 2008.


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