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Government Children’s Plan encourages teachers to take on parenting duties

The General Secretary of one of our member organisations, Voice, has been speaking about the government’s wellbeing agenda for schools. The Guardian report Mr Parkin saying:

“The transfer of responsibility becomes complete and the expectations upon parents reduce,” he said.

“Is government going to measure the performance of parents and publish local league tables to show how they are doing? Are they going to be held accountable for the kind of people their children grow into? Of course not – but schools are. If schools are going to work in partnership with parents then there must be a balance to that partnership.”

As we’ve seen in the Youth Alcohol Action Plan, and I’m sure in the Youth Crime Action Plan (though I’ve not read that yet), there is now quite a lot of focus on early interventions with families where drugs and alcohol are causing problems. Whether those will bring the balance that Mr Parkin talks about remains to be seen.

The consultation on the guidance remains open until 25th September.


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