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Teenagers trying out soft drugs isn’t so bad for them – or for us

India Knight writing in the Sunday Times takes a look at the latest survey of young people’s drug use and argues that for most young people this any use of illegal drugs is likely to be short term. She says:

I don’t find the figures for teenagers especially alarming. I know we’re all supposed to tremble in our boots at the evil of recreational drug-taking but experimenting with drugs just seems to me normal – banal, really.

She admits this may be down to her own experiences with what she calls soft drugs. She concludes:

For the majority, being cool about drugs means shrugging them off – not because you’re nerdy or square, or because you’re scared, but because you’re intelligent enough to check out Pete Doherty or Amy Winehouse, both touched by genius and both made repulsive through their excesses, and think, “Ew, no thanks”. This doesn’t mean that the spirit of experimentation is dead – teenagers are teenagers and trying things out is part of the process – but it does mean that we can ease off a bit on the gloomy prognosis front.

Smoking the odd (nonskunk) joint isn’t automatically going to turn a teenager into a raving, scabby crackhead. Frankly, it’s more likely to turn him intoa newspaper columnist.


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