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Cannabis helpline launched for parents

Children & Young People Now

The parents’ group Talking About Cannabis is setting up a telephone helpline for parents who are concerned about their children smoking cannabis.

The 24/7 telephone support line will be staffed by fully trained volunteers, all of whom are parents of children and teenagers who have smoked cannabis and been adversely affected.

The TAC press release gives further details and Debra Bell who founded Talking About Cannabis says:

We are delighted that the government has listened to voices like ours, and is going to reclassify cannabis, but now steps need to be taken to ensure that the message gets out to young people that using cannabis can cause severe mental illness, and ruins lives, which is where prevention education comes in. Our first priority, though, is to provide the support that is missing for parents who are faced with the daily misery of coping with a child or teen who is using drugs at school-age.

They say that they are applying for charitable status and are seeking funding from central government to undertake their activities.


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  1. I wish them well, but given that the pharmaceutical industry is desperately trying to find a molecule they can patent in order to produce a ‘legal’ cannaboid, which has exactly the same problems effects as cannabis, but will, in the finest traditions of that industry, be touted as ‘much safer’, I suspect they will be ‘stonewalled’

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