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School-based interventions to prevent the uptake of smoking

NICE have been asked to look at school-based interventions to prevent the uptake of smoking by the Department of Health.

They are looking for national organisations to register as skakeholders in developing the guidance, and their email to me said:

By registering as a stakeholder, you will be invited to:

  • Attend the initial stakeholder meeting to discuss the draft scope on Friday 3rd October 2008
  • Comment on the draft scope, which is currently being developed and which sets out what the guidance will, and will not cover. ( The consultation period on the draft scope with last 4 weeks between 22nd Sept – 17th Oct 2008 )
  • Review the stakeholder list and suggest other relevant organisations that may be interested in contributing to the development of the guidance
  • Comment on and submit additional evidence for consideration of the draft synopsis of evidence
  • Comment on the draft recommendations

If you want a reminder of how NICE do their consultation then this presentation may help.


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