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Government backs teen drink safety scheme

icCheshire Online:

A SCHEME launched by a Runcorn paramedic to highlight the dangers of binge drinking has been incorporated into a national schools’ education pack.

Steve Evans’s Don’t Walk Away campaign, is now featured in the BBC Active Whiteboards PSHE911 Drug Education Pack, which will be offered to every school in the UK.

Those with long memories will remember we posted about Mr Evan’s work after hearing his podcast for Alcohol Policy UK.


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2 Responses

  1. Steve Evans says:

    Hi I am The Paramedic Steve Evans and I would like to offer free to good home the Don’t Walk Away and Leave a Friend to DIE Campaign package.
    By emailling me I can send you the Poster, First Aid Advice “When Things Go Wrong” the PowerPoint, Lesson Plan and list of websites to visit for further help, free. If you vist Youtube and type in Alcohol, Don’t Walk Away you can see my DVD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naGnUkWpryI or visit Alcohol Policy UK and Hear my Pod cast.http://www.alcoholpolicy.net/2007/07/post.html
    Founder oF DWA

  2. Angie Bassford says:

    I’d be interested in having a set of Steve’s free resources – can you forward his email address, please?

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