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Police bring in evening curfew to keep town’s under-16s off streets

The Guardian:

A pioneering curfew aiming at keeping children under 16 off the streets at night is being launched in a Cornish town. Police officers and local authority officials, some wearing head cameras to gather evidence, will patrol an area of Redruth and stop all youngsters of 15 and under who are out unsupervised after 9pm, and all under-10s out after 8pm.

Officers say the campaign, codenamed Operation Goodnight, will help tackle antisocial behaviour, but some human rights activists are worried that the drive will target blameless youngsters out enjoying the long summer evenings.

Police will contact parents or carers and tell them they do not think the children should be out so late.

No explicit mention of the sorts of anti-social behaviour that’s led to this approach, but it clearly fits in with the sort of thing that was being discussed in the Youth Alcohol Action Plan.


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3 Responses

  1. david says:

    Is there any legal basis for this?

  2. drugeducationforum says:

    I don’t know David, I think the police have powers of dispersal, which I think I’m right in thinking the government have said they will be strengthening.

  3. […] that answers David’s question. No Comments Leave a Commenttrackback addressThere was an error with your comment, please try […]

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