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EUDAP Materials

Teacher Handbook

The EU Drug Abuse Prevention website now has materials that are downloadable.

You’ll remember that their initial evaluation of their Unplugged programme found that the:

Interventions groups smoked 12% less during past 30 days, 14% less in a regular way and 30% less daily, when compared with controls. The frequency of drunkenness in past 30 days was also reduced by 28% and 31% for at least once and regularly respectively, and the consumption of cannabis was reduced by 23 and 24%, ALO and regularly respectively, The use of other drugs, although rare, was reduced by 11%.

I’m told by one of the people implementing the programme that the second phase of evaluation has now been completed and this continues to show an impact.

Unplugged Student Workbook

As well as teacher and pupil facing resources there’s also a guide for implementing the programme, which they say:

is written with three audiences in mind: national and local authorities, principals and teachers. Composed of five parts, this guide assist in the implementation of Comprehensive Social Influence (CSI) curricula in schools.

The first part is an introduction which reviews the EU-Dap Trial and explains better practices in preventing tobacco, alcohol and other drug use among adolescents. The next three chapters provide relevant and practical information to identify and overcome barriers in order to effectively implement CSI curricula in schools for the three audiences. The final part is a resource tool box to help plan, implement and evaluate CSI programming.

Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide

So, here’s what you can get:

  • The guide for implementing the programme,
  • the Teachers’ Handbook,
  • the Student’s Workbook,
  • student Quiz Cards,
  • resources for the Parents’ Workshop, and
  • the Training for Teachers pack.

They do strongly suggest that anyone wanting to use the materials takes part in the training for teachers, which they suggest usually takes place over 2 days.

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