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Blueprint drug education research programme –Update June 2008

I have been sent the following Jon Scanlan in the Home Office who thought it would be helpful to share as widely as possible.

Work on the drafting of the Blueprint programme final impact report will be ongoing over summer with the intention of releasing a final report by the end of October 2008.

Blueprint is the largest research programme ever run in England designed to test the delivery of an evidence-based, school-based drug education programme supported by work with parents, wider communities, local media and health professionals.

Home Office policy and research officials will use the summer months working intensively with colleagues at DCSF and the research contractor team at the University of Stirling to ensure that programme findings are robust so we can identify key issues arising from the research and draw reliable conclusions from the enormous amount of research material generated by the programme.

It is our aim that the final impact report will be a good quality and credible addition to the worldwide evidence base as were the Blueprint delivery and practitioner reports released in November 2007, which have informed the DCSF’s drug education review work over the spring.

For further details on the Blueprint programme please contact Jon Scanlan on jonathan.scanlan@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk


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