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Cigarette sales to children up 50 per cent

The Metro:

Cigarette sales to children soared by 50 per cent last year, prompting council leaders to demand a ban on vending machines.One fifth of retailers sold cigarettes to under-18s – an offence punishable by a £2,500 fine – during a six-month trial by council trading standards officials in England.

Their under-age volunteers had even more success with coin-operated vending machines, buying cigarettes on more than four in ten attempts.

I wonder if we’ll see this reflected in the annual survey which asks young people about their smoking, drinking and drug taking, when it’s published later in the year. Certainly it looks as if there’s been an upward trend in the number of cigarettes smoked by regular smokers over recent years.

Here’s the trends for young people smoking over all.

Here’s the trends for mean and median number of cigarettes smoked amongst those that do smoke:

So what we’re expericencing seems very similar to the patern we’ve seen with alcohol: “more units going down fewer throats” as someone put it.


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One Response

  1. Sinatra says:

    I can’t believe that the number of sales has increased that much! Great, informative blog!

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