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The Alcohol and Young People Summit: Breaking the Cycle of Binge-Drinking, Anti-Social Behaviour and Violence, 17th July 2008, London

This conference which is being advertised on the Association of Public Health Observatories website looks like it might hold some interest for readers.

The blurb says:

This major one-day national conference, hosted by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies, will provide an invaluable opportunity for stakeholders and local practitioners including police, local authorities and health services to assess the key objectives of the new strategy [the Youth Alcohol Action Plan]. Delegates will consider how the Action Plan can be implemented fully and effectively through a coherent partnership approach to begin to finally break the cycle of binge-drinking and violence that affects all too many children and young people in this country.

The programme promises a session on school based alcohol education – though no indication of who’ll be delivering.

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One Response

  1. Yes, I agree with your ‘binge drinking for youth’ comments.
    If possible, may I please contribute my true story, of how myself & my late husband, basically let alcohol destroy our health.
    Please advise accordingly.
    Many thanks.
    ph. no. 250-995-1643

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