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Drug education scam returns


DrugScope is warning small businesses and schools to be on their guard as a scam involving drug education materials continues to target community-minded individuals.

For some time DrugScope has been aware of companies operating under different and constantly changing names targeting small businesses across the UK, offering sponsorship of drug education materials to be used in local schools. A cold call will elicit a pro-forma invoice and possibly a copy of the materials that the business is invited to sponsor or advertise in. The resources are of poor quality, often contain inaccurate, misleading or plagiarised information and are grossly overpriced in order to maximise profits.

We too get calls from businesses about this scam.  Often they are promised that the resources will be given away to schools for free.

Its important that schools and others buying drug education resources choose their own resources; they know the children and young people and the ethos they are trying to create and are best placed to make the choices about what they need to deliver effective drug education.

Along with the excellent advice that DrugScope gives about contacting the Office of Fair Trading and  the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, I’d suggest that businesses who are approached about funding drug education resources makes sure they are dealing with a reputable organisation before even thinking about writing a cheque.


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