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Hidden Harm 3 Years On

The ACMD have produced a report looking at what has changed as a result of their report Hidden Harm.

Community Care covers the subject saying:

The Advisory Council said today that its Hidden Harm report in 2003 had led to greater acknowledgement of the problems faced by children of parents who abuse drugs and alcohol and increased action by agencies, leading to improvements in their lives.

But in a review of Hidden Harm, it said good practice was not being implemented consistently across the UK and there was a significant problem securing long-term funding to support children.

Meanwhile in a piece for the Druglink Blog Martin Barnes, Chief Executive of Drugscope and ACMD member, points out the contrasts in the way that different administrations across the UK have responded to the report:

progress is far from uniform across the UK, with gaps in the implementation of the ACMD’s original recommendations. Most strikingly the report highlights time and again insufficient progress in England compared with other countries in the UK and particularly compared with Scotland.

I note that the Hidden Harm document doesn’t mention the guidance being developed by NICE on Interventions to reduce substance misuse among vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Similarly the NICE draft guidance doesn’t acknowledge the Hidden Harm document.


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